Thursday, March 27, 2008

The ABCs

These are goofy, but I'll do it anyway.

a--  attached or single:  attached
b--  best friends:  dave, my sisters, mom
c--  cake or pie:  probably brownies
d--  day of choice:  saturday
e-- essential item:  medicated lip stuff and hair tie
f-- favorite color:  gray/blue
g--  gummy bears or worms:  bears, preferably Haribo
h--  home:  chesterfield, mo
i-- indulgences:  housewares
j--  january or july:  definitely july; i love fireworks and barbecues
k-- kids:  not yet
l-- life is incomplete without:  dave, lucy and ice cream
m-- marriage date:  aug. 20, 2005 (didn't this just ask if i was married or single?)
n--  number of siblings:  6
o--  oranges or apples:  a fuji apple right out of the fridge
p--  phobias or fears:  snakes and trains
q--  quotes:  i am the author of the only dictionary that defines me
r--  reason to smile:  tulips, sleeping in, bargains
s--  seasons:  spring flowers, fall leaves
t--  tag:  no one does this crap anyway
u--  unknown fact about me:  i can't eat meat if i've prepared it myself
v--  very favorite store:  anthropologie or j.crew
w--  worst habit:  biting my nails and being forgetful
x--  x-ray or ultrasound:  um...what?
y--  your favorite food:  cereal, turkey sandwich, ice cream (that was easy)
z--  zodiac:  aquarius

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Megan and Ben said...

YEAH!! I didnt even know you had a blog! I love it. I will delve into it a bit later.
Love you-