Saturday, May 31, 2008

To the Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Rees!

Last weekend we went to Dallas for Memorial Day and for Reesy's 4th birthday.  And since I am the sole Rees blogger, this post will go down in the Rees book for documentation sake.  

The birthday party was a hit!  No boys were allowed at the 4-year-old party (of course).  The little girls made tissue paper butterflies, beaded bracelets, got stickers on their nails and their own nail polish to take home.  

And what would a party be without a pinata?  Each girl took a few swings, but the strawberry pinata held strong.  Fortunately none of the little ladies was hit (someone always seemed to get hit at my parties growing up), and they were all excited with the swedish fish, smarties and other candy they scored.  

All this activity meant it was time for lunch.  Cue tea party.  
White little gloves with pink jewels awaited all of the girls when they got to the table.  Donning tea party dresses, they each had tea sandwiches, strawberry jam sandwiches, crudites, chocolate covered strawberries and other fruit.  And to drink?  Pink lemonade for "tea."  

Just before presents, we brought out the cupcakes, lit up the candles, and sang happy birthday.
Rees loved it.  The little girls had fun, and the parents, too.  Not too many meltdowns (4-year-olds can only handle so much).  And as always,  Kristin's perfect presentation stole the show.   


Kristin said...

Wow, Katie. You have a way with words! Thanks for the tribute. I just showed this to Reesy and she loved seeing the photos. Thanks for coming to Texas!

The StaceNeedle said...

Katie! So fun to find you...or for you to find me. :) I loved your blog and seeing your new family and your family that I know. So, I actually saw Augustana perform Boston live in Portland. They're great. Glad to see we have similar tastes. Didn't it seem like when we were young our moms didn't know cool music? And most people our age are moms and they have sweet tunes on their pages...mayber our moms really were hip...

Heather said...

more tea please!!! the cutest 4 year old party ever. we need to meet up in dallas so kristin can throw us a tea party!!