Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Time management

I am opposed to long blog posts.  This is easily proven based on my track record.  I typically do not make the time to read lengthy posts, nor do I expect my (few) blog readers to have to do the same.  
So...please do not be alarmed by the length of the preceding post.  
In exchange, you may ask favors of me equivalent to the additional time required of you to read this particular post.  
I hope you enjoy it, at least.


Tia Juana said...

I am so pleased to have finally found the infamous Katie blog - full of style, simplicity, and great thoughts! And since you are opposed to long posts - well, then you must HATE my blog because I just can't shut myself up!

However, Dave owes me a comment on my blog though, because I gave him a warm water bottle and that was the deal, remember?

It was fun to see you on Friday. And meet your doggie.


Scott and Angie said...


How the heck are you? I love your camping pics. But where were the S'MORES? I'm obsessed with S'MORES. How's Montana? Are you there for your job or for Dave's? I'm happy to see you've turned to the dark side...soda. Here in Wisconsin they call pop, soda. I love to view your pics so keep up the good work. Take Care!