Sunday, November 2, 2008


I'm working on a little project at work that has taken off from the American Express ads, "My Life.  My AmEx."  Basically it's a survey of really dynamic celebrity-type individuals, i.e. Diane von Furstenberg (amazing!), Ellen, Scorsese, etc.  But the questions are a bit more open-ended and allow for some creativity.  So I'm taking the liberty of doing my own AmEx ad.  

my name...Katie Waterfall Rees

childhood memory...riding banana-seat bikes, playing dress-up and jumping on the trampoline with my dad

fondest memory...8.20.2005


retreat...there's no place like home

wildest peace, really

proudest moment...when I didn't have to pick out the wheat bread

biggest challenge...overcoming myself

alarm clock...the worst invention ever

perfect day...sunshine, long walk, dave, dog, dinner

first job...watering the trees with my sister megan

indulgence...candy and ugg boots

last purchase...a $5 shirt from the gap

favorite movie...any movie where we buy greasy, hot, movie-theater popcorn (usually with my mom)

inspiration...those who live what they know

my life...will soon change with the introduction of a boy

my card...has my picture on it and gets me into costco


Nat and Dave said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! When are you due? That is so wonderful! I loved this little was so cute! i'm so happy for you! congrats friend!

Megan and Ben said...

Yeah, I love it. It is kind of like coming out of the closet, huh? (Is that PC?) Love you Katie!
-Your watering buddy

Andrea said...

Congrats Katie!!

Eddie the Girl said...

ur preggo? holy cow!!! Awesome! love the spin off of the amex adds.

Catherine said...

You are hilarious! I love that you are so subtle in your announcement. Little boys are the best. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Katie - Congratulations!!! Your life will be forever changed and in such a great way. I am so happy for you!


The Robinson's said...

Yay Kate!! Tell Dave good work!! Boys are the BEST!! I am so happy for you guys. If you thought life was good- just wait... it's better than you could imagine with kids! Love ya! Post all of the details.

Scott and Angie said...

Congrats KatieDid!

Tyler, Amy and Kate Waterfall said...

Kate is excited to have a boy cousin!
Tyler is glad that you didn't mention any yardwork injuries from a sibling holding a section of wire fence.
Amy has not read this yet.

Heather said...

finally i can say CONGRATULATIONS!!!

you and i should of done a girls weekend in dallas while the boys are fishing ....:)

Marie * Dan * Madison said...

congrats! brand new little babies are so much fun. we are excited for you and hope you are feeling well. good luck during the upcoming months!

the Rabes said...

What! you are so dang cute! Congrats! That baby boy is sure lucky to have you as his mama! You guys are going to be wonderful parents. I loved this post. super cute! heck.. I'm an getting AmEx card.

Ashley said...

You already know what you are having?!? How, oh how in the world did you keep that secret? Congratulations, a thousand times, congratulations! It will be awesome.

If you're cravin' an ice cream night, call me :)