Sunday, December 7, 2008

Brief visit

I got to go out to Utah for a brief visit not too long ago.  The timing could not have been better because Megan had two showers planned and Lizzy was coming in town.  It was so, so much fun to be with my mom and sisters and celebrate Meg's little girl on the way.  I can hardly wait for that feisty little girl to make her entrance into the world.  And I am beyond excited for Megan and Ben to be parents.  


Megan and Ben said...

A new post! I need to get copies of your pics, since I didnt take any. I am SOO glad you could come out here. Thanks again, and of course, I always miss you.
Love you like only a sister can-

Eddie the Girl said...

some babye showers are just waaayyyy too cute!!