Monday, September 14, 2009

6 Months Baby!

Look at this boy! Six months old, I can hardly believe it. We went to the doctor today for his six-month visit and Winston was a champ. He had to get all sorts of shots and barely let out a peep. Tough kid, I tell you. Here are his stats:

Height: 27 3/4 inches (90%)
Weight: 17 lb 2 oz (50%)

That's one long, skinny kid!

Some of W's most recent milestones include the following:

**Roly poly. He rolls ALL over the place. And he has this funny pose he makes where he rolls about half way between his belly and back and balances there. When not rolling, both arms and legs flail about with his mouth wide open.
**Rice cereal for breakfast. We're still working on the whole idea of eating from the spoon. He seems to be more interested in what's on the counter than what he can eat, but we're getting there.
**Sitting in a high chair.
**First trip to Chicago.
**More teeth on the way.
**Sleeping upstairs in his own room.
**First cold.
**Gets really excited when we get this bottle ready at night. Now he holds it on his own.
**Sticks his tongue out and blows spit (see below).
I love this boy because...
**He gives me loves all the time and reaches out for me.
**He gets giddy just before bedtime and squeals and laughs.
**He's sad when I leave the room.
**He holds on to his dad's arm any time we're in the back seat together.
**He nuzzles into my neck when I hold him.
**He smiles any time he sees us.
**He laughs at Lucy.
**He can be having a total meltdown, but as soon as Dave comes home or into the room, everything seems to be fine.


Megan and Ben said...

Oh, I just love him more and more! 6 mos to a T as he eats the 6 card! I love when they get all hyper and giddy when they are eating and it is time to go to sleep. So cute! Thanks for the W update. (Ill get M's soon, I promise). Love you!!!!

Lizbeth said...

The bubba!! So big and freaking handsome! I miss the squeals.