Monday, October 4, 2010

Photo Series: Yates Orchard -- apple picking

We really out-did ourselves this weekend.  We went apple picking at a quaint little orchard in Illinois.  No trains.  No hay rides.  No $7 apples.  Just rows and rows of apple trees.  Couple that with a perfectly brisk fall day; it was pretty much perfect.

W's favorite part was picking up an apple, taking a bite, spitting it out, then launching it across the orchard. A huge field full of "balls"?  It was pretty much heaven to him.

{the wind-up}
  {the pitch}


Nancy said...

I love your photos, they are priceless!
Capturing the moment, the colors, the feelings, it is wonderful.
Good Work!
Love you Katena!

Megan and Ben said...

Fall time! Where can I get me one of those apple picker tools? That would prevent the mis-haps and konked noggins that we experience as the apple catcher. W is so cute. The wind up picture makes me laugh so hard. He is off to a pro career in b-ball!