Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yesterday I kept tripping over things.  Probably 6+ times throughout the day I found myself literally stumbling over trucks, books, shoes, rugs (that have been in the same spot for years), and thinking how in the world I missed that!  I was also bumping into the bathroom vanity, bookcase, etc.  I couldn't get a break, and I couldn't figure it out either.  I was dumbfounded.

I know my eyesight takes a turn for the worse when I'm pregnant, but surely not this much.

Then I remembered.  I looked down and saw this.  Oh yeah.

We're on the home stretch; that "time to get enormous" home stretch.  My feet are invisible.  I am endlessly out of breath.  My hips feel like they're being unhinged from my body.  And quite honestly, I am huge.  Pregnancy is beautiful, though, right?  

I admit I'm not a major proponent of the pregnant belly shot.  I stick with the only-for-documentation-purposes self portrait.  And in this shot particularly, my arm is as unappealing as a shot from the front could have been.  Whatever.   Yet the more this little girl kicks and gets excited, the more I feel like, "What the heck, this is worth it."  With a side of anxiety, too, of course.  

And the truth is, I am so thankful to be having another little one soon.  I'm reminded all too often how lucky I am to be a mom, to be pregnant, to have a healthy child and soon-to-be infant.  I'm reminded all too often of the many who have never and may never live these same experiences, despite their endless tries and deepest hopes.  And my heart sincerely hurts for them.  

Why am I a lucky one?  I don't know.  But I do know I shouldn't complain about the stretch marks, zero sleep (even before she gets here) and utter failure of my current wardrobe.  Instead, I am thankful.  It is a blessing to be running into furniture, tripping over toys and heaving myself out of bed each morning, for these are just reminders of how fortunate I am to be in the position I am.  

Beyond fortunate.  


The Robinson's said...

Oh Katie- you look darling!! I just love your posts! Can't wait to see your little bundle of joy! (You are not huge BTW- you look like me when I'm about 18 weeks along!) Keep up the fun posts!

cwall said...

I love reading your blog...and I really want to thank you for acknowledging the luckiness that does come to some wanting to have kids. The more I go through my struggle of not being able to become pregnant, the harder it is to read friends' blogs and fb posts-and sometimes to even be around these people. But sometimes it is soothed over a little by those who realize that it's not always easy...and that they are lucky. Thanks for adding that tidbit in your post.

Audra said...

You make a gorgeous pregnant woman!!!

Auntie Lolo said...

Hi Katie! Not sure if you remember me from high school, Lois Brock? Anywho, I LOVE your blog and especially this post. Not being able to have kids yet after 6 years of trying, I so appreciate women who are grateful for the little miracle they have been given. Thank you!

katie said...

Thank you for the sweet comments. I promise I'm not fishing for compliments. Really. I'm honestly flattered any of you read my blog nonsense anyway. :)

Cathy and Lois (of course I remember you!), you are champions. I really admire how honest and bold you are, especially in the face of such challenge. It is so humbling to me. I wish you all the best in your dreams of motherhood. I've heard the term "mother heart" several times. Your desires for a child are not just innate, but really reflect that mother heart kind of spirit you have. You will both be excellent moms some day.