Friday, June 7, 2013

Sister trip -- Las Vegas

The first weekend in April, I flew to Las Vegas to meet my sisters.  (I flew on a plane by myself.  I haven't done that in forever.  What a treat.)  Las Vegas, you ask?  We asked the same thing.  But it was a relatively central, easy place to meet where we could just wander in and around.  Plus, Megan had some extra time-share points that we fully took advantage of.  Otherwise, Las Vegas?  Meh.  Still smutty.  
My sisters are always good for a laugh.  Seriously, how did I end up with such funny sisters who teach each other how to flip ears and make stupid faces.  
The three days we spent together mostly consisted of laying out by the pool, eating, taking all the time we wanted to to get ready, talking, walking around LV (then avoiding it altogether), taking the monorail (because how to do miss anything that reminds you of Disneyland?!), people watching, blowing money on stupid cat-themed slot machines and trying our hardest to get tickets to the Country Music Awards.
We ate, and ate, and ate, and ate some more.  I don't regret any calorie.  Regrettably, my stomach hated me the entire time, so my diet consisted mostly of liquids.  Though those pina coladas, hot chocolate, and soups were mighty good.  Oh, and I was freezing cold the whole trip, too.  Weird.  
And lastly, seeing Ka, which was absolutely amazing.  I have never seen any of the Cirque du Soleil shows, and boy, have I missed out.  They are such a spectacle, so outside of the box, so weird, yet so incredible.  

I love my sisters.  I love who they are individually.  I love who we are when we're together.  I genuinely feel like we are helping each other be our best selves -- though we still can laugh our heads off and be silly.  We love each other.  We actually WANT to spend time together.  I couldn't ask for better friends to be my sisters.  


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Meg said...

that was fun.
next year, you or L can choose the place...because you know I will just choose Vegas again (NOT!).
love you (both) long time.