Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Paci Princess

I knew it was time to get rid of Lizzie's beloved "paci" or pacifier.  Especially with a baby on the way, I knew we needed to get rid of it much sooner than later.  Given how much she LOVES that thing, I knew this transition could be tricky.  
For about a week, we talked about how "next week" or "In X# days," you're going to give your pacifier to the Paci Princess in exchange for something amazing.  Lizzie seemed completely on board, almost excited to give this Princess her special gift.
That morning, Lizzie specially colored an envelope, dropped her last pacifier inside, and sealed it up. We talked it out to the mailbox together and she confidently placed the envelope inside.  No crying.  No tears.  It was rather pleasant.  When she came back inside, a special Rapunzel doll was waiting for her.  Strategically, this was her pacifier replacement; something to take to bed at night instead of her pacifier.  The first night was OK; she wasn't too happy, but not too upset, either.  The following night was the same.  If I remember correctly, the third night was a little difficult, but after that, no problems.  Hooray!!!

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