Thursday, October 3, 2013


Winston and Lizzie coming to visit Henry was always a little stressful, but always very meaningful.  Winston would share his cars with Henry.  Lizzie would plaster him in stickers.  They both always wanted to hold him, look at him, poke at him, and take pictures with him.  Lizzie also wanted to put hand sanitizer on about 1,000 times per visit.  She probably single-handedly went through a couple of bottles of that stuff throughout the hospital.  
Visitors would break up the monotony of each day.  Barry and Debbie Koenemann and Gloria stopped by.  Briana Larson came.  Crystalyn and Rob came by, too.  Of course Steve and Sherry were regulars, along with aunt Diane and Kristine Moore.  I am so thankful for all of the people who came to see Henry, but also to support me and Dave and our kids.  We are so, so lucky to have so much support.    
"Mom, will you take a picture of me with the baby?  Did he smile?"

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