Tuesday, March 18, 2014

W turns 5...in Dallas

Winston had two birthday wishes this year.  1 -- go to Chuck E Cheese's.  2 -- See his cousins.  Since his cousin James was going to be baptized just a few days after W's birthday, we knew we'd make the trip to Texas to see James' big day.  And after swallowing our pride, we made Chuck E Cheese happen, too.  

Thankfully, today's Chuck E Cheese is not the same Chuck E Cheese of my youth.  Instead of dark and slimy, it was well-lit and only sort of slimy.  After a round of mediocre pizza, we spent handfuls of tokens to earn tickets.  We confirmed that Skiball is still the best game around, and no matter how much you play, you'll never have enough tickets to get anything really great.  
Lizzie and Winston were in heaven, though.  They loved being able to run around and play everything.  It was fun to see their excitement.  
When we were finished, Lizzie said she wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese for her birthday, too.  I think both Dave and I agree that Chuck E Cheese with be a fifth birthday exclusive.  
The day before Winston's birthday, he flew down to Dallas with Steve and Sherry.  I had tried to explain to Lizzie what was going to happen beforehand, but she didn't really get it until we dropped the three of them off at the airport. Winston was ready to go, hardly even looked back.  And Lizzie, oh Lizzie cried and cried and cried.  It was so sad.  And heartwarming.  They do actually love each other.  Sherry had tried to get Winston to go to Texas with her over Halloween, but Winston was nervous about that.  So I was happy to see that he was able to go with S&S and be happy and excited.  
On the flight down, Sherry said Winston asked her to write a note to me.  He dictated and she wrote.  What a little lover.  I love that boy.  

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