Friday, March 20, 2015

Henry 18mos

Height: 33.5 inches 80%
Weight: 25.6 lbs 46%

Funny hair in the back
"Thank you"
Bottle before bed, finally drinks milk from cup during day
Still dairy free
Goes upstairs on his own when he's ready to go to bed
Usually about 7:00 every night
Finicky sleeper
Makes car noises and pushes cars around
Loves the bathtub
Pb&j still fave food
Likes to throw food
Loves to run outside
Nursery -- hooray!!!
Usually goes willingly, but first child to be somewhat hesitant
Only naps in his bed
Looooves to look at books
Climbs on everything: counter, table, play kitchen
Blows his nose like a champ (doctor even wanted to see it!)

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