Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The first day of the rest of my life

T-minus 51 days 'til Hawaii...and officially the last day of my pregnancy body...and the first day of getting back on track physically (a.k.a. "Operation Beach Bod").

Plan of attack:
--Get rid of the 10+ boxes of cereal left over from the weekend (post coming soon)
--Manage to sneak in just a couple of the frozen Snickers bars my mom mischievously left in my freezer
--Run, run, run.  I haven't gone running since about September.  The few run/walks I have attempted in the last few days have resulted in my legs feeling like lead weights that have been doused in gasoline and lit on fire.  Yes...I have my work cut out for me.    
--And finally, reminiscent of the 6th grade paper chain to the end of the school year, let the countdown begin.  


Rita said...

do you go to hawaii every year? Im so jealous! we should do something like that someday... oh wait, we can't til we are 40. (when ryan's done with school) but just wait... I will go everywhere... in my retirement.

Rita said...

oh, I forgot... I started the postpartum work out this weekend too. :)

Megan and Ben said...

so funny katie. ben and have have been on what we call, 'baby weight loss 09' and we did so bad for the first 2 mos. keep at it and try and have some fun with it. ah man, the things we go through during AND after worth it though! i loved seeing you as a MOM. lucky little winston (and dave cause he gets to see the whole motherhood metamorphasis process).l
i miss you already!!!

Tyler and Jennifer said...

Hey Katie!
You are so cute, I love the paper chain. That's a great idea to keep you inspired. Running is about the only thing that REALLY works for me (oh, and breastfeeding twins) and I haven't been truely on a run since last June so I know how you feel. Good luck, I'm sure you already look great. You waterfalls have great genes! Have so much fun in Hawaii, I'm very jealous!

Tyler, Amy and Kate Waterfall said...

Go for it Kate! Concerning weight and babies, Amy and I wouldn't mind swapping a few pounds with each other -- I'm still on my perpetual weight gain program. No luck yet.
We had a great time with you in St. Louis. We already miss all of you, especially Kate misses Baby 'bay' (boy Winston).