Friday, July 10, 2009

4 Months Old

Yesterday marked four months since Winston was born. He is still just a little baby to me, but he's getting so big. And the doctor confirmed it; he's one long and lean baby boy.

26 3/4 inches long (95 percentile) -- that's almost five inches in four months!
15 lb. 10 oz. (75 percentile)

This is a very accurate picture of Winston: soaking wet from putting two fists -- or notecard -- into his mouth over and over again.

Winston has reached several milestones in the last month:

**lots of squealing
**hands successfully navigating to his mouth
**almost getting his paci back into his mouth...almost
**growing out of all of his 3-month clothing
**going to the pool for the first time (slept through the whole thing)

And check this out; he rolls over!

And like most four month olds, Winston got these. Yep. Teeth. Two of them.


Jamie said...

Wow, teeth!! Lincoln got his teeth in early too...not very fun. But at least you get it over with?! What a handsome, big boy!

The Robinson's said...

NO WAY!!! Teeth and rolling over...lucky! Still too cute!

melissa said...

Winston is seriously so cute. I love him! I saw your fam last night and was missing you! 2 teeth? Abe is still toothless at near 11 months! Way to go Winston