Monday, July 6, 2009

First video

Winston gets a little stage fright any time I pull out the camera. I've made several attempts to get some video of him when he's really talkative and making all sorts of sounds, but he turns mute as soon as I push Record. While this video may lack some excitement, those of you who haven't seen the boy in a while might like it.


Ashley said...

I cannot believe how much he looks like the two of you. Love those baby sounds, so sweet.

Lizbeth said...

omg.. he has gotten so big!! awww.. he is sooooo cute and talkative. i cannot wait to see him. So soon!!

Megan and Ben said...

i love that. the little sounds...nothing better. some of them sound a bit baby raptor like, but i love them all the same. good footage. he is so cute katie. i bet you are loving it!
6 days yo, and we will meet!!!!! yippeee. can i get an allllooooohhhaaa?