Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rite of Passage

For years, my mom made a fruit smoothie for us every day for breakfast.  These smoothies (we call them "shakes") weren't just your average banana, strawberry, milk and ice smoothies.  No, no.  My mom took shake-making very seriously.  She loaded them with flax seed oil, avocado, yogurt, vitamin C, fish oil and this special hocus-pocus powder called Alive.  The shakes were full of enough nutrients to sustain a small army:  health in a cup.
Like clockwork, my mom made these shakes morning after morning.  (How lucky were we?!)  But it was expected that we would consume every last drop of our portion of shake.  Like a rite of passage before exiting the house, my mom expected us to be armed with a belly full of icy goodness.
Now, I like these said shakes.  I think they're rather delicious.  D, on the other hand, doesn't prefer them.  In fact, he thinks that Alive stuff is, well, hocus pocus.  Naturally we were concerned (not actually) about how W would handle this wedge in our morning relationship.  Well, upon taste testing his first shake, I think he takes after me.

***This video is specifically for Lizzy.  You may not have any interest in watching W sip and smack his lips for 30 seconds, but Lizz can't get enough.***


Megan and Ben said...

You are having your own Rite of Passage today:
WE love you, and your lip smacking baby W!

Beck n' Ben said...


Nancy said...

Dear Katie and W:
Well, what can I say? "Alive" shakes are a mother's way of saying I love you enough to expect you to consume this cup full of liquid charged health, LIKE IT OR NOT!
Glad to see that W is a believer (and enjoyer) of the green vehicle of good health!
Love you Katie!

PS: Hey, hey, hey. . . .look at all the snow!!!!! Happy birthday from Mother Earth!

Tyler, Amy and Kate Waterfall said...

Way to down that shake.
Mmmm shake.