Monday, March 1, 2010

What's Worse Than Running Out of Milk?

grammar gets to me.
i tend to loose control when others misspell/misuse words.
it annoys me.
even more then pouring a bowl of cereal only to discover your out of milk.
poor grammar has that affect on me.
wierd huh?
doesn't matter weather your a "writer."
i believe all can correct such offenses.
check here to learn how.

{via marta writes}


Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

um....don't you mean whether?

Beck n' Ben said...


Bex, and I'm sure Benj concurs (not to be confused with conquers)

Catherine said...

Love it. Thank you for including all of the annoying grammar mistakes in this post. You have officially scratched your fingernails across the blackboard of my computer screen.

Megan and Ben said...

Funny that we were just talking about this whole editing business! I read the post and almost screamed and then got it...yes, you were demonstrating your point. Thank you! I was thinking, "Katie writes better than this?!" Well done. I will have to look at the site. Can't wait to see you!

Kristina Tree said...

Oh great! I know I have offended you! I am the worst with spelling/grammar. I will have to learn grammar to keep you happy:)

skinners said...

yep. i do all those things. i guess it's time to start proof reading if i want katie reading my blog.


Ashley said...

Katie, I could hardly get through that. I know I've slipped since my college days but it still mortifies me when I notice I've done it. I can't even leave out punctuation when I text message. I don't text often. It takes me forever.

Nat and Dave said...

ha ha. that is too funny. I don't give a rip about how I write, or others for that matter. BUT I would not consider myself a writer, only a typer :). I know my grammar sucks, and I just don't care. Sorry for offending you!! he he.... I love you!!

Beck n' Ben said...

Its about time some one brought this too the danged forefront for discussion. And weather its' politically correct or not to poke fun at other's bad grammer, your rite, Becca, I totally concur.

~ Ben.

~Mandy~ said...

freaking hilarious post....I'll have to show my students :)