Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Say Salsa With Me

  • got a wild hair and decided to make homemade salsa yesterday.
  • why not?
  • tried my hand at the delicious Pioneer Woman recipe.
  • sort of my own take on it.
  • fresh tomatoes.
  • including a BeaUtiful yellow one.  
  • so beautiful I wanted to take a picture of it.
  • but i didn't.
  • tomatoes were from the local farmer guy up the road.
  • he always has the same suspenders on each time I see him.
  • since I was making salsa, he threw in three more tomatoes.
  • so nice.
  • if I liked tomatoes, that is.
  • did you know I don't like tomatoes?
  • hate them.
  • but I love salsa.
  • love it.
  • just sayin'.
  • i grew the cilantro in my back yard.
  • my very own cilantro.
  • i felt like the farmer up the road, taking in my harvest.
  • though i don't own suspenders.  
  • and my garden consists of two pots on my back patio.
  • and i would never hand out additional tomatoes, if unsolicited.
  • just sayin'.
  • turned out to be the best salsa ever.
  • probably because of the beautiful yellow tomato.
  • and my very own cilantro.
  • so good, in fact, i finished off the bag of tortilla chips at lunch.
  • just sayin'.


Megan and Ben said...

oh i reallllly want some of that! NOW! i love love love fresh salsa AND cilantro.
nice work Katie.
PS i didnt know you didnt enjoy tomatoes...i thought you were happy to eat them as a kid, especially with applesauce! haha

Lizbeth said...

that looks sooo good!! i freaking love homemade salsa! its tha bhest!! (nacho voice)