Friday, July 23, 2010

Today I'm Wearing Pearls

June Cleaver written all over it.  Love it.

I have a friend.
An artist.
And very kind friend, at that.

She's my friend because she treats me to her house.
Because she's so proud of her kids.
Because she thinks W is as cool as I think he is.

She's my friend because she reads this blog nonsense of mine, yet still takes me seriously.
Seriously enough that when she sees above item, she purchases it on the spot.
Because we're friends.

She's my friend because now I have a reason to wear pearls everyday, even just around the house.
I suppose she's embraced my inner Mrs. Cleaver.
So she must not take me too seriously.

Thank you, friend.  Thank you so much.

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the black family said...

We love our Mrs. Katie.