Monday, December 6, 2010

Random: Black Eye

  • So I was blog hopping.
  • That was my first mistake.  
  • Saw a picture of a friend of a friend.  Who is prego.  
  • Like, super pregnant.  
  • She showed her obligatory baby body/profile shot.  
  • All cute and TINY.  
  • t. i. n. y. 
  • This girl's got weeks on me and I look (and feel) like my baby tum could barrel over her entire body.  
  • I felt like I'd been punched.  
  • Then I wanted to punch her.  
  • By the looks of things, this little lady of mine is plenty healthy.   


Megan and Ben said...

I hate that feeling. You are a beautiful Mommy tho, from the day you know your are cooking the bun.
I have a black eye, or nose rather, so if it counts for anything...and no pregancy glow to accompany it either - which you've got and it is, as I mentioned, BEAUTIFUL!!!

Kilper Corner said...

I'm sure you look amazing though Katie! You always do!

Lizbeth said...

Let me peep that baby belly! right meow!