Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This is how we decorate

This year we went out and cut down our own Christmas tree.  Neither Dave nor I really know what qualifies a "good" tree.  Quite honestly, we're clueless.  But we bundled W, braved the FREEZING cold and hitched a ride on the trailer to the tree farm.  

What we came home with isn't quite the fullest, tallest or straightest tree, but we had a good time scouting out an evergreen that seemed to fit the bill.  I suppose it's about making memories, right?  
Here she is.  Even W is excited.  

Both boys really just wanted to use the saw.  W would have preferred to run around in the field, saw in hand.  

Afterward, when it came time to decorate the tree, I risked my body and tried to string lights.  Those needles are sharp!  And W taught us a, perhaps, more efficient way of decorating the tree.  Something like unto treating it like a basketball hoop.  (sorry for the grainy iPhone/dark room video).

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