Thursday, January 6, 2011

Calling gov't agencies

Things have been different around here this week. An innocent email regarding a humidifier recommendation has turned into way too many phone calls to the doctor and trips to the pharmacy. Now we're laying low and waiting this out (read: going borderline crazy while being cooped up at home). Please don't call the Health Department. We'll likely be getting a call from them anyway.

And please don't call DCFS either. Yes, that was W you heard screaming this morning. For 30+ min. At the top of the stairs. Loudly. Really loudly. I assure you he was fine. Perhaps he's suffering from cabin fever, too.

Although it's only been a couple of days of this staying home stint, my creativity and energy are already running low. We're coloring this morning (creativity for me) but the table seems to be getting more lively than the coloring books (which energy I lack to clean up). Too bad.

So give Animal Control a call if you see my dog running aimlessly around the neighborhood (or you could just keep her). Otherwise, we're fine. Just whooping it up here at home.

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Kilper Corner said...

I LOVE reading your blog and catching up on your life!