Monday, January 3, 2011


When I think about having another child, sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed.  Granted, people have been having more than one child for thousands of years.  Surely it's possible.  But for many reasons, I still always feel a slight (sometimes huge) twinge of anxiety.  

With W, I was ever-faithful in regular updates about milestones and such.  It was easy when he would just lie there, stare at me, and convince me with that little smile that he was perfect, I was perfect, and this mothering gig was a cinch.  Add mobility, balls, metal trucks and solid foods, and that convincing smile is now more of a mischievous one.  

Since baby #2 will like get one introductory post, then another when she enters kindergarten, I thought I'd try to take advantage of the next few months and really chalk up W's life.  Hopefully these  are not (but could quite possibly be) his last mentions.  Thanks for indulging me.    

  • "Shhhh" when someone is sleeping
  • "Daaaa-ddy?"
  • Whispers Mama or Daddy and thinks it's so funny
  • Dumps water (and more water and more water) from tub
  • Takes cans from the Lazy Susan and stores them in bookshelf
  • Wears ear protection all over house
  • Carries blanket around house
  • Knows how to climb out of crib
  • Words:  see ya, what's that, gorilla, snake sounds, shoe, SheShe, MaMom, Papa, Jackie, where'd ____ go
  • Hand sanitizer lover
  • Elephant obsession
  • Screams...and screams
  • Babbles with lots of tongue/"L" sounds
  • Copies dad: caulk around house, screw gun, gloves, hat, voices
  • Points to my belly for baby
  • Still loves nursery
  • Knows the actions to songs: Happy and You Know It, When Daddy Comes Home, Popcorn Popping
  • Points to moon and stars
  • Gives Lucy treats
  • Dumps Lucy's food and feeds her one at a time
  • Says "Ho, ho, ho" and checked on the lighted Santa on the porch every night
  • The response to every question:  "No" (even when he means yes)
  • The beginning of every sentence:  "Why?"  
  • Becoming an independent player
  • Always folds his arms
  • Sleeps with his ankles crossed
  • Has really taken to coloring (not always on paper)
  • Has a sound effect for everything


Sherry said...

I love that boy! But you forgot one - his expert nose blowing!

Jen said...

I cannot wait to see perfect, beautiful, lovable baby #2. And I know you will be just as wonderful as you are with W. Congrats!