Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Winston turned two.  'Tis true; I hardly believe it myself.  W is two years old!  Geez!  

We've sort of had an on-going birthday month for him.  We started about a week early, and we're holding on 'til MaMom gets here at the end of the month.  Why not?  You only turn two once.  

W started his actual birthday off with waffles, eggs and a candle to blow out.  He's been practicing blowing out candles for weeks.  Don't know how he got on that one.

We had a yummy lunch, which we thought W would like.  Turns out he wasn't so hungry, so D and I had a yummy lunch.  Then we went to the car wash (what two year-old doesn't like that), then opened some presents later that night.

We got W a hockey set, originally intended to be played in his new basement playroom (which is his real b-day gift).  The basement isn't quite done, so the family room has turned into a pseudo hockey rink.  Poor Lucy hasn't quite taken to the hockey sticks and balls (pucks).  And W's poor soon-to-be sister; she might be the next victim of this hockey set.  But regardless, W loves it.  And his dad might like it even more.

A few days later we had a little friend party with some of W's buddies.  Most of them are a bit older than him, but he always has a pretty good time following them around and copying everything they do.  It's rather humorous.  It was a "Things that Go" sort of theme.  The kids decorated cars, found Goldbug and had some lunch.  Easy and fun.  

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Catherine said...

Such a cute party!