Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Winston: Two Years

We're way overdue for an update about the little boy.  The little boy who's not so little anymore.

Height:  37"  (95%+...pretty much off the chart)
Weight:  28 lb. 1/2 oz (50%)

This boy keeps me on my feet alright.  And considering I'm really, really pregnant, he wears me out, too.  He has so much energy, runs everywhere he goes, pushes cars and trucks around the house all day, but gives me a break during his nap (still about two hours everyday) or when he watches "Haha" (Elmo) (1/27/11) or "Brobee" (Yo Gabba Gabba).  What else?

  • No interest in potty training, despite repeated requests/suggestions/bribes, etc.  Prefers to do his business in the privacy of a corner or underneath a table
  • Bites on both ends when eating string cheese
  • Always says "cheese" for a camera or cell phone (which he thinks is taking his picture)
  • Picky eater.  Or rather, only eats when he's hungry.  Won't budge otherwise
  • Asks "Where Daddy go?" probably 75 times a day
  • Second only to "ball," which he says 175 times a day
  • Still obsessed with bikes, trucks and tractors ("da da")
  • Goes to the computer to see his cousin "Nonnie" (Maria) or MaMom on a regular basis, hoping they're on Skype
  • Loves, loves to color
  • Recently took to Playdoh
  • Crosses his index and middle finger (see pic)
  • Sits on the more highchair; and rather possessive about what stool he chooses
  • Pats the seat next to him, inviting you to come sit down
  • Loves to "race" upstairs to bed each night
  • Always folds his arms during prayer, but if it's dinnertime, he will use one hand through his folded arms to pick up his cup/fork/food; sly little guy
  • He and Lucy get along great...finally!
  • Prefers to dress pantless
  • Loves "ba ba" (bath time)
  • Tools, nails, wood...the best things that ever happened  
  • W becomes hypnotized when D and Papa work on projects at home.  He's oh so "helpful" and uses the screw driver, tape measure, hammer, you name it.  Quite the apprentice and contractor-in-training
  • Officially climbs out of his crib, which couldn't be worse better timing
  • Anything D says/does/asks is gospel; no question this boy loves his dad
  • Hasn't quite figured out the concept of sharing yet
  • Tantrums are too frequent
  • But timeout seems to work
  • Loves to snuggle with me while we wait for his bathwater to warm up
  • Two-year molars = worst thing EVER
  • Not a lover of haircuts
  • Recognizes and points out the letter O
  • Always jumps off the bottom stair
  • Pats my tummy, gives it hugs or calls it hot (his word, not mine), when I ask him where his sister is
  • Pretty sure he doesn't quite understand what a little sister will really mean in his life
  • Still falls asleep any time I turn on Primary songs in the car (the best drug out there)
  • Looks for the Prophet when he tears through The Friend magazine, and refers to him as Poppy
  • Recognizes Jesus (1/26/11)
  • Smacks his leg to call for Lucy
  • Often refers to me as "The Mama"
  • Hops and somersaults

I can hardly believe this little guy has been with us for two years.  It seems like so long ago, but yesterday at the same time.  He is funny.  He is full of life.  He is sensitive.  He is strong.  He's just a good, good boy.  I am so lucky to be his mom.  

He has made me laugh more and added more to my life than I thought any one/thing ever could.  He has taught me how to really love, how to teach, how to learn and how to relax and just laugh at how life can be.  He has created more perspective in my life and in our family life.  He has helped me see a whole new side of D, and reminded me how lucky I am to have D as a husband, and for W as a father.  It's incredible to look back and see the person I was before him and who I am now; changed, developed, improved by this little life of a boy who came into the world late that March night.  

Love you, W!


Jamie said...

2 already??! I love the pic of him holding the sign with his teeth! Perfect for a 2 year old :)

Megan and Ben said...

We love you Dub! Happy Birthday =)
I hope we can be together soon. Get ready to watch him grow up so much when he gets his new little sister. That is going to be so cool.