Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The phone dump

Things have been busy around here lately.  Here's some of what we've been up to, documented via iPhone:

 {Friends Crys and Rob were loading up their backpacks for their trip to Europe.  W wanted to tag along with his 'pack pack.'}
 {Cicadas.  Whatever this 13-year cicada infestation is, I'm sick of it.}
 {Dear potty training, you're not fun.}
 {One of several attempts at catching a smile.  They always turn out blurry.}
 {She pulls this face as soon as she sees any electronic device.}

 {You know you have too much baby stuff around when the hand pump turns into a toy gun.}
 {Another try.}

 {Morning smoothies with friends.}
{Paging Dr. Rees...the one who's wearing the same shirt in almost every picture.  Hah!}


Libby said...

Potty training=the bane of my existence. My heart goes out to you. Do yourself a favor and buy up all the Diet Coke you just might need it!

Also-love the backwards potty mount. Levi does that sometimes and thinks he's hilarious.

Hand pump toy gun made me laugh out loud. What is it with lil' dudes and guns? A while back, Levi chewed a pancake into a gun shape and toted it around the house for several hours.

Sharstin said...

Ah the potty training fun:) your kiddos are to cute, and I love me those chub cheeks!! Ps, your house looks amazing! Love your kitchen:)