Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ultramax Tri

For the second year in a row, Dave completed the Innsbrook Quartermax Triathlon.  The whole triathlon thing was a new idea Dave had last year, which makes the whole family a bunch of rookies among the triathlete crowd.  But Dave finished about five minutes faster than last year (and made it out of the lake alive!), so it was a successful year.  Good job Dave!

Last year it was more than 90 degrees out and we melted.  But with two children in tow, it's a little tricky to be fully prepared.  Thankfully our good friends picked up all of the slack and were more prepared this time.  I'm talking, bringing a tent to play in and escape the sun kind of prepared.  Thanks Dortons!


Libby said...

Hats off to the Mr. for this one. Really. That sounds like a dooze.

Love those smiley pics of the little lady below.

And as for HS reunions, oi. So bizarre to me. It is great to see some people, but just weird to see others. All in all, I was happy that I went to mine, but I felt uneasy about it for days afterward. Just a little unnerving I guess. Good thing they only come once every ten years!

Megan and Ben said...

Work it Dave!!!
(And you too Katie...the supporter has to be in it all the way too.)