Monday, December 5, 2011

EVR: Eight Months

Happy eight months, baby girl!

  • You are crawling at light speed.
  • You curl your legs under and roll up on your little toes to stand up.
  • No one makes you smile more than your brother.
  • Your hair is thick!
  • You have eight teeth:  four on top and four on bottom.
  • Your crooked smile is to die for.
  • You like to eat.  A lot.  
  • You've tried out the sippy cup.  It's just OK.
  • You love your cozy blankets and bunny when you go to bed.
  • You're wearing mostly 12-18 mo. clothing.
  • You are so tall!
  • You discovered that you love to smile.  We figured that out over Thanksgiving.
  • You are quite giggly, too, especially when we tickle your back and neck.
  • You're a hoot in the tub.  You become a giddy little girl who can't control her excitement.
  • You love fiercely.  You prefer to pull hair, bite faces and poke eyes to show your affection.
  • You snuggle with Daddy.  Not with Mommy.
  • You babble and say "Huh!  Huh!" like you know exactly what you're talking about.  
  • You're just such a good baby!
  • Sleepy time and naps are getting a little better.

I'm so lucky to be your mom.
Love you!

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Megan and Ben said...

M and I just checked your blog and she said...oooooohhhhh, that is my beebee Lizzy! And then there were a bunch more "ooohhhhhss" and "how cute" and "sweeeeett beebbeee Lizzy" lines to follow.
Yes, this house has a LOT of love (if you couldn't tell by when we saw her and when Ben got to see her in Utah).
xoxoxo to you Babelet L!