Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blues Game 1.16.2011

Dave loves hockey.  He'll always accept an invitation to attend one of the St. Louis Blues hockey games.  And if he isn't attending, he's likely watching it at home.  He isn't in front of the TV with a Blues jersey on, pretzel in hand, and jumping up and down.  But he's still a big fan.
Whenever D goes to a game, Winston's always bummed that he can't go.  So for Christmas, I gave Winston and Dave tickets to a game.  Just W and Dad; kind of special.  
Turns out, if you're under three, you don't need your own ticket, so I tagged along on their special date last week.  And it was just that:  special.  W wore his Blues hat, just like his dad.  He cheered, "Go Blues!" over and over.  He ate a whole pack of cookies by himself and shared part of daddy's treat, too.  He loved the crowds.  He loved walking to/from the game outside in the city.  He had a lot to say all night long.  So fun to just be mom, dad and W.  It was a treat to watch.  He was delighted.  

{Walking to our seats}
Several of the Cardinals players were in a suite behind us.  W was happy to see David Freese.  
{Go Blues!}


Megan and Ben said...

This is so cute! All of it! Dave the proud dad and W the proud fan and son and kiddo.
So I was loving listening to W laugh last night. Oh man, he cracks me up.
love you.

Lizbeth said...

This post made me so happy. I love how much W loves sports and going to the games. So sweet!