Friday, February 3, 2012

EVR: Ten months

Lizzy is ten months old!
  • Her hair is getting longer and thicker.  Her hair clips are looking more promising.
  • She sucks on her pacifier on one side of her mouth and sticks her tongue out the other side.
  • She's letting go and standing on her own.
  • If you can't find her, your best bets are to look in the laundry room where the dog food is or in any of the bathrooms with an open-lid toilet.  Those are her favorite spots.  (Gross)
  • She's saying "mamamama" and "dadadada" more often.  "Ggggg"is her preferred sound.
  • She prefers finger foods over being spoon-fed.  Blueberries, cheerios, bananas and breads are faves.
  • We're pretty sure she has a dairy allergy/sensitivity. Since cutting out yogurt and cheese from her diet, she no longer screams through the night.  (Hallelujah!)
  • She will play along with Pat-A-Cake, and loves to clap her hands and throw them in the air.
  • She's a "So big!" pro, too.
  • Her favorite activity is to empty things.  Anything.  Books from shelves.  Clothing from drawers and baskets.  CDs from cases.  Magazines from racks.  Toys from bins.  Everything!
We love this girl.  She is busy, yet calm.  She is stoic, but so excitable.  She already seems to know what she wants -- and lets us know when we interfere with her wishes.  She is quietly strong.  

I think she's the best. 



Sharstin said...

Such a cute lil lady~ and a fun age. Her Nora need to get together for a toilet splash palooza! Nora's fav thing... Sick!

Megan and Ben said...

Oh you darling child! I keep asking your Mommy to package you up and send you rapid speed to us in OR, but she is NOT listening!!! If you could work on Auntie Meg for your next words, and maybe NOW along with...that might help my cause.
Oh Lizzy, we love you!!!!