Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Through an unfortunate event, W gained a little neighborhood friend named Alex.  Alex conveniently lives next door.  He and W are just weeks apart in age.  Alex's little brother, Logan, and Lizzy are just one day apart.  W looks forward to seeing Alex's mom's car pull in their driveway each afternoon so he can go outside and play with Alex when he gets home from school.  
The past year and a half W and Alex have become such good little buddies riding bikes together, mowing the grass together, running up and down the hill together, destroying plants together, learning to share, and even pressuring each other into going potty on the toilet.  Alex, Logan and mom are moving in just a few weeks.  We will miss them.  A lot.  W will likely be very upset.  But thankfully Alex's grandparents aren't moving from next door, so he'll be back to visit often.  

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Megan and Ben said...

so great to have good buddies!