Thursday, June 7, 2012

Zoo day

April 2012
{the hippo exhibit is one of my faves; today they weren't so exciting}

Impromptu zoo visits are the best.  We are so lucky to live near one of the top zoos in the country...that is absolutely free.  Free!  I don't feel bad if we only see half of the animals.  Nor do I regret only spending an hour or two walking around.  It's easy to get your money's worth each time.  
{elephants!  (complete with sound effects provided by W and E}

As always, W is particularly interested in elephants.  I don't think it would matter if he saw any other animal, as long as we make it to the elephants.  
{little picnic outside the zoo in Forest Park}

1 comment:

Megan and Ben said...

yes, your zoo is so cool and close and free.
complete opposite from our Portland zoo, at least the close and free part.
fun mommy you are!