Saturday, December 8, 2012

Baby Got Bach

We took W to a Baby Got Bach event here in St. Louis.  It was our first time going to one of these, and we left thoroughly impressed.  Young children, ages 3-8-ish, are given the opportunity to play various musical instruments, compose music and experience rhythm, all at the hand of highly trained musicians.   Then they attend a very age-appropriate musical performance, which highlights many of the things they learned in the previous activities.  
W really liked the percussion and rhythm activities.  He was a bit antsy during the perfomance, but he loved waving his flag around and shouting and clapping.  
It was so much fun.  Such a cool program to have here in St. Louis.  It was definitely a little outside of my and Dave's comfort zones, as we are not musicians in the least.  But it was really cool to expose Winston to different varieties of music, as well as show him how much a part of his life is music. (this sounds like something I pulled from their website; I promise it wasn't)

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