Friday, December 14, 2012

Moment at Temple Square with W

We ventured to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights, displays, and get in the Christmas spirit.  We weren't the only ones with this idea.  Thousands and thousands and thousands of others poured into Temple Square that evening, too.  It was shocking to see the masses of people.  Despite being hungry and tired from a long day, the kids were troopers.  We saw the lights and headed over to the Christus and nativity.  The line at the Christus was nightmarishly long.  So was opted for the nativity.  I took W down to the front so he could see.  It was a special moment I never want to forget.  It. Was. Magical.

We watched as the different parts of the nativity were lighted:  the creche, the wisemen, the shepherds.  W was quick to point out which group was which and what they were doing.  At one point he whispered in complete awe, "This is amazing!"  Then a few minutes later, "Wow!  Wow!  Wow!"  It was sweet, and genuine, and pure innocence at the grandeur of what he was watching.  It was like the spirit of Christ and Christmas came to life for him.  We were surrounded by hundreds of people and it was like no one was there.  Thank you, W, for showing me how sweet and simple and magnificent Christmas really is.  

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