Monday, April 29, 2013

Aunt Liz and uncle Coco visit St. Louis

Aunt Wiz and Uncle Coco came to visit us!  We were anticipating their trip for what seemed like forever.  Lizzie and Winston could hardly stand it.  And it was well worth the wait.  We had such a fun time together.  

Of course Liz came bear gifts.  Buzz Lightyear slap bracelets and Lizzie's own sunglasses and purse were a hit.  

We went to the Budweiser Brewery tour one day.  It rained A LOT during their stay, so the indoor tour was a welcome activity.  

I wasn't sure how to explain what the brewery was to Winston.  Thankfully, he assumed that, "That's a lot of water and milk and juice, Mom!" running through those machines.  

We also made a trip to the zoo, of course.  

And Uncle Coco did more than his fair share of wrestling, playing and entertaining with W and L.  They were in heaven.

Come back soon!!

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