Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lizzie's Second Birthday

Lizzie's birthday fell on Easter this year.  She came downstairs that morning and the first thing she said was, "Open presents?"  It was tricky to differentiate between Easter and her birthday, and both days might be a little confusing next year.  But she was so thrilled with the idea of actually being able to open her own presents -- not just her brother.
New shoes and a bunny water bottle.  She was in heaven.  
A new kitchen, complete with food and plates and cookies and pans.  Her face is perfect.  She was so excited.

More presents.  She didn't even care what was inside, she just wanted to open.  
Yes, I am wearing the same dress that I wore on her first birthday.  
Happy birthday to you, Lizzie!

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Meg said...

Cute little Lizzie. I can't get enough of her cheeser grin. What a cutie! She is a riot, seriously!
And I do like the dress. How did you remember it was the official bday dress. I think you should keep up the tradition - it looks so nice.
love you, my Rees girls!