Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Henry Milestones


Loudest eater ever

Super gassy/burpy all the time

Loves to snuggle and sleep in my bed

Looks different every day

Nicknames: Henrique, hank, baby, Henny Penny, Mr. Henry (Lizzie),

Does not like his diaper to be changed

Likes to lie on belly

Starting to push with legs (11.1.13)

First smile. Left cheek dimple. (11.17.13)

Loves to look at lizzie. (Puts up with her, too).

Must sleep with a furry/cozy blanket.

Strong legs! Still working on core/neck. 2.2014


Generally sleeps about about 6-7 hours (8:30-3:30) at night. 2.2014

Loves mommy!! Stares right at me like he's communicating with me.

Talker and squealer.

First tooth 2.11.14

First rice cereal 2. 17. 14

Second bottom tooth
Trying so hard to roll over 3.10.14

7 mos
First ear infection
Trip to Utah 3.27
Eating more solids
Rolling over
Started physical therapy...after second visit he's doing great!

8 mos
Sitting up
Squealer (happy) or screamer (mad)
Loves to smile and look at Lizzie
Laughing and ticklish
Top two teeth came through finally! 5.24.14

Can get to sitting up on his own. 6.10.14

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