Friday, April 11, 2014

Lizzie's 3rd Birthday Party

To celebrate Lizzie's third birthday, she invited over a few of her friends for a little party.  The theme (I use that term loosely) was "Princess Tea Party," which I have to say, was perfect for this little group.  Each of her friends came in their own favorite princess costume.  We decorated crowns, blew bubbles, had a little tea party luncheon, and then topped it off with a little "Frozen" dance-off in the basement.  They were delighted.   

Thank you, Kristin and Sherry, for making the invitation and tea party favor bags.  How cute are these?  We ironed on the tea pot and included some dress up jewelry, white gloves, and treats for our princess guests.  

Bubbles should be at every birthday party.  

Friends:  Sadie, Sarah, Norah, Lizzie and Emmie.  

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