Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Double Digits

Winston is 10 months old today.  Gosh he's cute!  He is one clever kid, observant and so smiley.  I can't get enough of him.

**He still prefers the army crawl for its speed.
**He waves goodbye and always claps his hands.
**W has mastered cruising around the coffee table (the corners used to be a little trouble) and continues to pull up and climb all over everything (crib, fireplace, stairs, dog, etc.).  
**He's still grossed out by slimy textures, and won't even pick up a green bean or eat chunks of banana without gagging.  And he is his mother's son because he prefers cereal (the real cereal) to any other food.
**W is quite the people person and will go to just about anyone who extends an invitation.  And he will often have a mouthful to share with you, too.

**To say he loves his dad would be an understatement.  He LOVES his dad.  Tonight when D got home from work, W literally jumped in excitement and squealed with delight.  He also says"dada" incessantly.  First word; so cute.  (Not even hinting at "mama" yet)

**W still loves books.  I keep a couple of books in his crib during nap time.  Oftentimes he will wake up and just talk and sing to himself in his crib.  But the other day I went in his room to find the two books' corners were missing with teeth marks all over.  Turns out he likes to eat the books as much as he likes to look at them.  And speaking of books, he's obsessed with this Shiba Inu book we have (Lucy's breed).  In a whole shelf of books, he will always find this one, throw it on the floor, lie down next to it, and finger through the pages.  This happens daily.  Random.

**After banging up his lip twice, I set out in search of a walker (to save this boy from himself).  It has been one of my best purchases yet.  This toy/apparatus/hazard keeps W entertained on end.  He follows Lucy around and will sometimes get going so fast he'll use both legs at once and throw his hands up wildly in the air like he's riding a roller coaster.  Yesterday he assisted me in vacuuming the house by following me around with the cord.  Like I said, one of my best purchases.

**W loves the dishwasher.  He can hear it the minute I open its door and comes crawling with a vengeance.  Like the dishwasher, W has been fixated on the timer for our floor lamp.  We have to remove him -- for lack of a better word -- from the timer dozens of times a day.  Annoying to say the least, but turns out dangerous, too.  Earlier this week, W was headed for the timer.  By the time I got to him, I noticed one of the pins was missing.  I thought, Oh please no.  Don't have swallowed the pin.  I looked around and couldn't find it.  Stuck my finger in his mouth and couldn't find it.  But he was making a funny face, so I checked his mouth again, this time between his upper gums and lip, and there it was.  Scary!  The timer is now sitting in a drawer indefinitely.

We head to the doctor on Thursday to see if this boy is gaining weight.  Based on the fact that we've probably tripled the amount of food he consumes and I can no longer button his pants, I'm going to guess we're heading in the right direction.

Happy birthday baby boy.  Feel free to stay a baby.  Forever.


Megan and Ben said...

Oh Wisnton, you cutie!. The pic of him standing on the bumper pad brought back memories. He is just a happy little boy. We love him so. Again, thank you for sharing him with us over the holiday....really, thank you from all of us. Happy 10 mos Winston. We love you.
Katie, just a warning to get ready to cry (literally) in 2 months....I know you know what I am talking about...get the tissue ready. xoxo

Kera said...

thanks for your comment, katie!