Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Need Musical Inspiration

I'm a dud.
I need some musical inspiration.
For running.
For the blog.
For everyday.



Suggestions welcome.


Beck n' Ben said...

Mostly slower stuff...
Switchfoot: This Is Home (Narnia soundtrack) and Hello, Hurricane (title track, most recent album)

Caitlin Crosby & Josh Hogue: Space

~ Ben

Beck n' Ben said...
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Beck n' Ben said...

Bon Iver has been getting me through the manic commutes lately.

But I also seem to be in a super chick mood - Ingrid Michaelson (sp?), Regina Spektor, Imogean Heap, Meiko, Rachel Yamataga, One Fine Frenzy and company. I used to love to run to Melissa Etheridge back in the day...


Lizbeth said...

i can hook it up. call me.

crystalyn and rob said...

i just started teaching spinning an the best upbeat remixes are by dj tiesto.

Megan and Ben said...

i am going to make you some sick workout tunes cds. i will make you them this weekend and send to might get a couple PG discs and a PG-13 one - all GOOOODD and motivating music, especially for workouts that you need a good beat to keep you going and motivated, with a couple slow ones for cool down and stretching.
love ya lots

steph and brent said...

I listen to baby music and primary songs most of the day now, but my new obsession is "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha. I'm interested to see what the rest of her music sounds like, but that song just gets me going. Trendy, yes. But motivating!

And I picked up the aden and anais blankets - thank you for the tip!!

Kera said...

i love for workout mixes. it's organized by beats per minute, so you can pick one that is going as fast as you are. i also love the new song walking on a dream, by empire of the sun. must listen!