Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ice Cream and iPods

D had a campout this weekend with the Scouts, so W and I were on our own.  Friday night we went out for some Mexican food (our favorite), stopped by the running store, checked out the fish, birds and cats at the pet store, then made a stop for some ice cream before heading home.  Any one who knows me knows I will never pass up ice cream.  Never.  Had it not been raining, we would've enjoyed ourselves outside.  Instead, we opted for the drive-thru, then pulled into a parking spot, I climbed in the back seat, and we shared a cone.  This was W's first real ice cream cone.  Poor kid, he had to wait a whole year for this, but he thoroughly enjoyed the cone.  And he laughed every time I stuck my tongue out to lick some ice cream.  He thinks tongues are hilarious, so he was more than excited to stick his out for some ice cream goodness.  He was a natural.  

Another first this weekend:  W's first real baby sitter.  We're lucky enough to have Papa and SheShe close by who are always up for watching W (many, many thanks), but I needed to go for a long run Saturday morning and D was still gone.  I really needed to get this out of the way first thing, so I called up one of my girls from church to offer her an easy way to make some cash.  She obliged and we were set.

Six forty-five came awfully early, but Ms. Babysitter showed up ready to watch the beloved W.  Being a novice, I didn't realize until shortly before her arrival that we don't have a house phone -- a critical component for a babysitter in case of an emergency.  D and I only use cell phones these days.  However, my cell phone is also my iPod -- a critical component of my running regimen.  Gah!  I opted for caution and left my phone at home (though she'd have to call 9-1-1 or her mom because I was obviously unavailable at that point).

Fortunately I found my ancient original iPod D gave to me pre-nuptials.  This green thing had lots of miles on it during its four year use, but it has been sitting dormant since iPhone arrived.  I was concerned she wasn't going to work.  Nonetheless, I charged her up long enough to last a few hours while I ran, and lo and behold, she turned on and blared music like a champ.  She didn't disappoint.  I was pleased.

Sadly, this pleasure was short-lived.  You see, around mile three she just couldn't take it anymore.  She gave up.  I looked at the screen to find some foreign/computer language, which eventually turned black.  I was sad at the loss of iPod, but the outlook for the next nine miles appeared even more bleak.  What's a girl to do who's left with the wanderings of her mind for 90 more minutes?!  My music helps me keep motivated, keep pace, and keep focused on something other than my sweaty face and achy legs.  Aside from possible slowness, the impending boredom was frightening.  But I was committed.  This run was important to me.  I mean, I was putting down cash so I could go for a run!  

I wrapped my headphones around the now deceased iPod, at which point I opted for a conversation with myself.  Ninety more minutes of thinking, questioning, wondering, enjoying.  Ninety more minutes to myself.  I was still able to keep motivated.  The time flew by.  I focused on what was happening around me.  It was glorious.  And I didn't disappoint; it was my fastest 12 miles yet!  A first for me.

Upon returning home, I found a happy baby, a happy sitter, and an unused iPhone.  I was happy, too.


Jen said...

I broke my ipod once the day before a 17 miler. I was forced to-- gasp-- talk during the run. It was hard/fun/hard/hard again. I love me my itunes. PS-- why don't you come to Utah for a race and it will give me an excuse to see you and your cute one, AND run a race with you?!?!? Eh?

Lizbeth said...

That could be one of the worst things that happens when running. Talk about an energy crises (to the human kind not electronic) Im glad you made it through though. Nice work, kate-na!