Wednesday, June 16, 2010

15 mo.

Winston turned 15 months old last week.
**He is as funny as can be.  He loves to laugh just to laugh.
**He loves to swim.  He will walk and walk in the pool until he can no longer touch, which doesn't alarm him in the least.  He loves to splash.  Loves to kick.  Loves to steal fellow swimmers' toys.
**Daddy is his new favorite word.

**Oh, those curls.  I can't get enough of them.  The humidity makes them perfect.
**Snuggler.  He got out of that phase for a while, but now he loves a good hug before and after he sleeps.
**"Woah!" That's what the doctor said when he looked into W's mouth.  All four molars -- top and bottom -- have come through.  W isn't waiting any time on getting his full set of teeth.
**He's the most irreverent child in church, yet he folds his arms on command like a champ.
**He seems to be getting more and more ticklish, and squeals like crazy when we tickle him.

**He prefers vacuum attachments, paper towels and garden tools to most toys.
**He's a boy's boy, through and through.  He loves to throw things (particularly everything from the tupperware drawer, without even so much as a glance behind him).  He loves bikes, trucks, motorcycles.  He tries to swing his leg up on the mini bike any time he's given the chance, and loves to be outside at all times.  He's all boy all the time.

Love you, Bubs.

Height:  33" (95%)
Weight:  23 lb. 11 oz. (50%)


Lizbeth said...

Oh.. my... gosh!!! I can not get enough of the boy! These photos are to DIE for! Seriously. I am crying inside right now. My feelings of longing for you & the child have now been upped to critical level. I am now an imminent threat to all i come in contact with.

Hurry home, my seester.


Megan and Ben said...

Oh you Cutie! He is so tall! And I love his curls (and the rest of his hair...can we have some?)!!!! I can't wait to get our little fishies together.
Love you and miss you!

L said...

he really is the cutest little boy i've ever seen.