Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

***This post has taken me entirely too long to finally get up here.  Apologies.***

It was so nice having more than just a quick weekend or holiday visit to spend some time at home with my family.  We arrived early Saturday morning.  Winston desperately needed a nap, so my dad volunteered to stay home with him while we went to lunch.  When we arrived home, we learned W was introduced to Poppy's way of life right away.

Yes, that's W zipped into my dad's jacket riding around on the lawn mower.  Awesome.  My dad said W didn't take much of a nap, and since he needed to get the lawn mowed, he naturally took his grandson out to help.  W didn't last long.  The hum of the lawn mower put him right to sleep in is little fleece-zipped cocoon.  I think he rather enjoyed himself.  

What else did we do?  

Visited the dinosaur park.  

W and Lizzy faced off on horse-/bronco-back.  

We had a campfire.  

W got really good at walking/running.  

We played with Norma, my little brother's dog.  Norma is a pit/heeler puppy that barrels through the house and licks everything she sees.  She is so cute, and she loved W.  Norma would get W any chance she could, and W smiled the whole time.  

And W learned how to use a drinking fountain.  I always grew up with a drinking fountain in my house. Perhaps my mom got tired of cleaning 10,000 cups a day, so a fountain was installed.  I never thought it unique until high school or college and people thought it was so funny (perhaps even odd) that we had such a thing.  W thought it was pretty amazing, too.  We did a lot of this.

And, the big highlight, Megan surprised everyone and showed up unannounced.  Hooray!  I love being with my sisters.  And W really liked having a stair-climbing partner to play with, too.  

Thanks for such a fun trip!

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nancyk said...

I love the photos! Thanks. Especially the one with W and Maria at the dinosaur park.
We loved having you home. THANKS! And a big thanks for running the race with me. . . .it was a big deal for me!
God Bless!
Love, MOM