Monday, June 28, 2010

Channeling Mrs. Cleaver

A while back I saw a picture of a certain mom playing with her children whilst wearing an apron.  Perhaps she was in the throws of dinner preparation.  I don't know.  But I thought it was not only purposeful, but genius and cute.

In the last 15 months of my life, my dry-clean-only clothing has taken a backseat to its less-fuss cotton counterparts.  Let's be honest.  Food and often times child-associated bodily fluids don't look so great on the skirt you just pulled from the hanger in the plastic bag.
Perhaps an apron is in order?

Friday sealed the deal.  Between making jam, dodging quesadilla and black bean bullets, cleaning up the remains of a dog's upset stomach, and wiping enough sticky fingers to make my own raw, an apron may become my finest accessory.

Perhaps I'll throw in some June Cleaver and pair it with a string of pearls.  I think I could get away with that.


Libby said...

Who doesn't want to flit around in an apron all day?! I think we all need to add a bit of glam to our daily mom-around-the-house lifestyles.

P.S. That photo of you is sooo lovely. Kudos!!

Libby said...

P.S.S. No I didn't think the black and white photo was you. I should have specified that I was talking about the one on the right. Duh.