Wednesday, August 11, 2010

80 years? Not bad at all.

Playing a little catch up, here.

We made a trip home back in July.  All the family was in town, which never happens.  It was really cool to spend the 4th of July together, which of course wouldn't be complete without a pinata full of candy and fake mustaches, right?

Since it's summer, we spent some time at the splash pad

and playing cowboys and indians, as well.

But the real reason for our visit (and the real reason the whole family was in town from Missouri, Oregon, Wisconsin and New York), was to celebrate the 80th birthdays of these people:  

Somehow, my family managed to surprise my grandparents in celebrating their milestone birthdays this year.  It was genius!  

My cousin tricked Maggie and Clarence (the g-parents) by inviting them to dinner, but said they had to stop by a reception first.  They invited M&C inside, which Maggie quickly declined.  My cousin invited them again.  And again, she declined.  

Now his initial invitation was more of a request.  He told Maggie that she really did want to come in.  Really, she did.   

{the surprise}

All the children, grandchildren, great children and best of friends were waiting inside for the surprise.  My grandparents were shocked.  Naturally, one would worry such shock might not be so healthy for near-80-year-olds, but these two give new meaning to that age.  I only hope I age as well as they are.  

{cake design and construction by Eric and Jessica}

My grandma and grandpa are amazing people.  They have traveled the world over and back again...and again.  They are always on the move.  I have never met any couple more interested in the lives, cultures, values and interests of others.  They truly see the people of the world as children of God whom they want to know, learn from and appreciate.  

At the party, this same cousin put together an amazing video detailing the history of our grandparents, parents, and even us.  I was (and am) so proud of my family -- all of them.  We are all so different and unique, but each of us has inherited some of the endearing, unique and incredible qualities of our grandparents.

I feel so lucky to have a family that cares so deeply for each other.


Megan and Ben said...

Can I copy and paste this perfectly put post on my blog. Well said and it filled me with a sense or pride and the "i miss my family" feeling that gets triggered every once in a while. Love you Katie.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..