Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We're a travelin' family.
I think I could say more so than most families.
This is something for which I will always be forever grateful and appreciative of my parents.
They opened our eyes to...well, the world.

Part of that eye-opening was just being aware of what was out there.
I think that's where the idea map came from.
And probably from the 20+ year National Geographic subscription.

The LARGE (maybe 8' by 10'...that's feet) map was wallpapered on the basement wall.
Both the new and old house.
Dozens and dozens of childhood birthday party photos were taken in front of those maps.

When D and I finish our basement (someday), I'd like the same map.
Perfect for birthday party pictures.

Until that basement finish comes, this map is pretty darn cool.

These are lovely, as well.

{via Stephmodo}


The Robinson's said...

I think that sounds like a great idea! And I love your new blog look! Super clean & simple :) Hope you guys are doing well. W is getting so big. T looks so tiny to me after looking at your pics. I can't believe they are the same age!

The Shupaloops said...

Chris and I have a huge U.S. map in our house that we have marked for every place we have been. Love the idea of it on a wall though.