Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First impressions

Now that we're sorta, kinda settled back at home (and the swelling in my feet has gone down), I want to remember all the  little details about my first impressions of Elizabeth.

  • long fingers and toes
  • alert as can be, yet quietly observant
  • hiccups, inherited from me, my mother and my grandmother; poor girl!
  • so pleasant; only seems to get upset when she needs to pass gas one way or the other
  • and speaking of which, she can burp like an old man
  • loved her first head wash
  • really enjoys a bath, too
  • does NOT like her diaper changed
  • prefers to sleep with one hand by her face
  • sweetest little dimple in her left cheek
  • sucks on her bottom lip
  • eats like a champ; back to her birth weight in one week!
  • doll-like round face
  • makes funny little squeaks and squawks when she sleeps
  • rolls of skin at her knees when she straightens her legs
  • prefers a frog-like position when she snuggles up 
  • wrinkly forehead
  • squinty eyes
  • looks absolutely perfect in a white onesie -- my favorite
  • wiggles her fingers and strokes my side when I feed her
  • left ear "gill slit"
  • furry shoulders and back; our "furry friend"
  • calm; she has provided me a sense of peace when my head feels anxiety
  • beautiful -- just beautiful
  • won me over


Megan and Ben said...

Oh, I love her!!!
I just want to meet her, NOW!
Loved staring at her (and laughing at the W and M interactions) while we Skyped.
Love you, and Sweet Baby Elizabeth, so much..

nate said...

Oh Katie I love your "first impressions!" She is so sweet. I am sure you are just soaking it all in..there's nothing quite like those first few weeks. Enjoy! Can't wait to see her in person..perhaps this summer? Can't wait to talk. I've been waiting to call till your mom leaves and things calm a bit.

nate said...

sorry somehow i'm signed in under nate. what a sweetie that nate is! making such a comment! ;)