Friday, May 20, 2011


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  • 3:00 p.m. when both kiddies are sleeping
  • Costco's raw tortillas
  • homemade strawberry jam
  • sunshiny days
  • surviving my first trip to the grocery store with two children
  • dusting off my running shoes (so sore!)
  • shopping here
  • mid-week date night with D (to Target, no less)
  • brainstorming ideas with my sisters for Lizzy's big day (8.18.11)
  • using manual settings on my camera
  • a Recipe Club as an excuse to gather friends


Libby said...

So about an hour ago I clicked over from my Reader with intentions of commenting on the joys of double nap time, my obsession with raw tortillas (Sam's now carries them too!), and my excitement over your sister's (or anyone's for that matter) "big day" (as long as big day means wedding...).

However, then I clicked on the Recipe Club link. I somehow squandered away a large chunk of my "me" time (during double nap!) drooling over recipes, etc. Blerg!

But seriously, hurray for your sister (if we are talking wedding). I adore weddings and if you gals need any helpers, I'm up for the job!!

Yes, I'm aware that I'm ranting at this point...

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