Tuesday, May 3, 2011

EVR: one month

Baby girl is a whole month old.  Wow.  It seems like forever, but it's gone so fast, right?  I think even faster this second time around.

She checked out with a clean bill of health at the doctor today.
        Length:  22 1/2 inches (2 inches in one month!) 95%
        Weight:  10lb 3oz (almost 2 pounds!) 70%

It's amazing to me how much and how quickly infants grow.  It's really quite incredible.

Some things about this girl:
  • her eyebrows came in; I didn't really notice, but a few people who hadn't seen her for a while pointed that out right away
  • she prefers to be held
  • pacifiers are still hit and miss
  • the Bjorn works wonders for instant sleep
  • her GI tract is very active
  • her cheeks are getting chubbier, but those little bird legs are the same
  • Winston always says "hello" to her in a sweet, calm voice, which she always seems very alert to listen
  • we're sorta, kinda getting on a schedule
  • though I still don't quite remember what you do with a newborn all day besides snuggle, smell and kiss them, and feed and change diapers
  • made it five hours between feedings during the night

I feel a little more settled and confident in having two children now.  (I suppose I should qualify that by saying I haven't left the house with the two of them by myself yet.)  It's so unique having a boy and a girl.  They are so different from each other.  Yet perhaps it's my perspective and experience doing this for a second time that they seem different.  Regardless, I love having this sweet girl here.  Elizabeth is a gem.  She is patient.  She is calm.  She is the perfect complement to our family.  

In the weeks since we've been home, I have loved to see how sweet W is to his little sister.  Today I was reading to him while holding her.  Mid-book, and without any prompting, W turned to Elizabeth and gave her a kiss on the head.  As I continued to read, I felt so proud of him and so thankful for her.  She is lucky to have W as a big brother.  I hope he will always use that sweet little voice with her and give her kisses when he feels like it.  

Happy one month, Lizzy!

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